How to use with vs 2012

first post: otto4president wrote: Hello, do you plan a version for visual studio 2012? Regards,

How to Use Asp.Net MVC Routing Debugger Visualizer ?

first post: sampath_lokuge wrote: I have written Blog post about how to use MVC Routing Debugger Vis...

Failure to load DLL in VS2010 Professional

first post: astr0wiz wrote: Loaded the extension from the Extensions option in VS2010. Ever...

Installing manually

first post: vcohen wrote: When I installed the extension from the Visual Studio 2010 Extensio...

latest post: VeXHarbinger wrote: I also hit the same error you referred to above, however I have to ...

Invoking the visualizer

first post: vcohen wrote: It's a bit hard to see in the video, so I thought I'd write down ho...

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